Can I tell you where I want to play ball?

We certainly want to know. Your input is very valuable as we develop the type of schools to target.

What if I want to play at a school that you do not have a relationship with?

Our reputation, approach, and understanding of the college’s needs allows us to begin new relationships on a weekly basis.  If your game makes sense for that school, then we will do what is needed to open that door.

I’ve been told that I should contact 100’s of coaches introducing myself. Is that advisable?

Absolutely not. In fact, we believe it borders on the absurd.  When we consider various factors such as academics, athletic ability, and others, we believe a dynamic list of about 30-40 schools is more appropriate.

Will you help me with opportunities at the professional level?

We offer advisory services as it pertains to your playing at the next level. And by next level, we mean college. We will not communicate with professional teams, leagues, or those affiliated with such in any capacity for you.

Do you have a searchable database of videos for colleges to search?

Videos play a role to be sure. With that said, the only videos of PTW that college coaches will see are the ones we send directly. The videos we send have an introduction and projectibility analysis.  Most coaches do not search the web looking for videos of players. They trust PTW and ultimately will want to see you play in person. We do not have a database of searchable videos, scouting reports, or other student-athlete information. We are not a factory or database. We are not a recruiting or scouting service. We are your guide, your counselor, your coach through the college search process.

What fees are not covered by the Consulting Services Fee?

The showcase events that we will hold from time-to-time are not required for you to attend. That said, you would be strongly advised to attend as it would be a great source of exposure to a captive audience. The fee for the showcase/camp events and those of third parties (including colleges) are not included with your advisory services investment.

Will PTW negotiate the financial offer made by a school for me?

We will NOT negotiate the offer that is made.  The offer to play ball and enroll in any school is between the student-athlete, his family, and the school. With our advice and plan, we believe our clients will receive an offer to continue playing ball in college at a school that matches both their academic standing and the athletic/sport skill level.

Can you help me find the “right” exposure team to play during the summer?

Absolutely.  And, in most cases, with success. We want to make sure you are participating in events and tournaments that are scouted by college coaches.  The fees associated with these “third party” organizations are also not included in your advisory fees.

Will you actually call coaches on my behalf?

We will help get your name on the radar screen of the appropriate schools based on the target list  created with your family. You will be the one to impress the coaching staff and earn a roster spot.  We get you in front of the “right” audience so that you can get their interest and ultimately an offer.

How often can I call you with questions?

Call. Text. Email. We are here for you. Call when you need to. Call as often as you need to.